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  • Tom Glavich - Senior Property Manager
    Tom Glavich

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    Tel: 02 9732 4444

    Tom arrived and has lived in the Liverpool area since 1955, commencing his real estate career in 1971.


    Gaining his licence as a real estate agent in 1974, Tom went on further and in 1980 won the ’Best in NSW - Advanced Property Management’ award and is now a registered real estate valuer.


    Tom joined the team in 1977 initially as a sales person, then accepted the challenge of property management a year later. Over the many years Tom’s vast experience in property management and the residential tenancy tribunal has gained him trust and respect by other real estate associates and, indeed, within the community.


    Tom served as a councillor with Liverpool City Council from 1991 to 2004, holding many positions including Traffic Committee Chairman.


    Tom loves a challenge, his job, the people he meets and associates with and is respected and trusted by all, and works by his motto, ’Be honest and be fair to everyone’. 

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